Physical Development Ideas


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Autumn Leafy Walk

Activity Ideas for Active Azra in November



2-3 Years High Energy - Activities that require high energy raising the heart and breathing rate.

10 Parachute Games - Ideal for group physical

10 Balloon Activities - Indoor or outdoor physical play

10 Bean Bag Games - Simple games to play with bean bags to develop skills

Physical Phonics and Number Activity Ideas- Practical ideas to support learning of communication, phonics and number.

Physical - Nursery Sports- Activities which could be used as part of your sports day.

Cone Games- These games are perfect for physical activities with little space or resources.

Physical Activity and Young Children - A PDF file containing information and simple ideas to keep young children active.

Two leaflets from the British Heart Foundation stating the importance of activity in babies and children:

BHF Helping your child to move more leaflet 2013

BHF Helping your baby to move more leaflet 2013

These two pdf files contain guidelines related to Walkers and Non-Walkers in young children.

Guidelines For Walkers

Guidelines For Non-Walkers