Physical Activity Hints & Tips


Make time for being physically active, build it into part of your daily routine and aim to provide a range of experiences within the week.

Like adults not every child will enjoy every activity; by providing a variety of indoor and outdoor active play and by praising their efforts they will develop a positive attitude towards an active lifestyle.

Remember that sons and daughters need to be equally active and that all children are active at different rates. Be patient and support your child through their learning experiences.

There is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes, ensure your child has suitable clothing for outdoor play.

Ideas for physical activities with babies/infants not walking:

  • Rocking in arms
  • Floor based activities playing with or on parents
  • Water based activities in safe environments such as baby swim classes.
  • Baby massage.
  • Cycling legs and moving arms to music or singing
  • Gentle Tumble Time
  • Rhythm and music sessions
  • Outdoor activities such as supervised water play, hitting pots and pans, crawling through constructed tunnels and being rocked in the breeze.
  • Stay and play, mum and baby sessions in local community (see Children Centres and local Leisure Centres)

Ideas for physical activities for walkers:

  • Unstructured play such as dressing up, chasing games, construction, role play, dancing and playing with small equipment such as balls are great activities.
  • Structured play such as Jungle Gyms, stay and plays, dancing classes, tumble tots or play directed by a parent are good for adding variety of activities and interaction with others.
  • Variety of activities should include;

Travelling activities: walk, jump, hop, skip, crawl, pedal (bike), and push (scooter).
Balancing activities: climbing, riding, park equipment
Object Control: kick, throw, receive, strike and gather
Daily Activities: tidy up, brushing up and sorting.

Suzie Startwell Says

Enjoy playing with your child indoor and find fun outdoor spaces where you can explore the environment together.Take up new active challenges yourself and talk about the importance of trying new activities.