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The Importance of Starting Well

Helping your children to eat healthily and move more in the very early years of life is very important for their health as they grow up and as an adult.  Early life experiences of a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference to the types of foods they choose and the amount and types of activity they do throughout life.   You can take action now to help improve your child’s future health.

The Startwell programme is based around 7 key messages to help Early Years settings, parents and health professionals create a healthier environment for our children and families.

Your local Children’s Centre or Early Years Setting may be working closely with the Startwell Programme to create a healthier environment for your children.

The Startwell website has been designed for early years professionals and parents to provide:

  • Separate early years professional and parents sections
  • More information about each of the 7 key messages
  • Practical ideas to put the 7 key messages into practice an Early Years Setting
  • Practical ideas for parents to put the 7 key messages into practice at home
  • Links to lots of useful resources and information

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