5 A Day Hints & Tips

Helping you on your way to 5 a day

What do you want to aim for?

One way to get you on your way to 5 a day is to think about what you want to achieve as a family and write it down.  Stick it in a prominent place so it acts a reminder.  There are lots of little goals you can set along the way, have a look at the ideas ‘Miss Startwell’ says and see if you can come up with some of your own.

Sticker charts are a great way to get the whole family to jot down how much fruit and veg they eat each day for a week.  The winner gets to choose a new fruit for you to try the following week.

Get the kids involved:

Shopping – at the supermarket let them help you find the fruit and veg on your shopping list or see if they can spot the 5 a day logo on the fruit and veg and use it to count out how many portions.

Cooking-even young kids can help out in the kitchen with supervision from an adult and if they are involved in the food preparation they’ll be even more likely to try it.  How about having a go at making fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and fruit salads, or topping pizzas with extra veggies like sweetcorn, mushrooms, red peppers.  Check out our recipe section for more ideas.

Growing -getting the kids involved in growing their own fruit and veg can be really rewarding and if you encourage them to take part they’re more likely to try it.  It’s easy, cheap and you don’t need much space – even a windowsill will do.  If you’ve not done any growing before, good things to start off with are peas, salad veggies and herbs as they’re quick growers.  Check out www.eatseasonably.co.uk for tips on getting started.

Easy ways to 5 a day

It’s a easy as 1,2,3,4,5!

  • A small glass of 100% orange juice at breakfast (diluted 1 part juice to 10 parts water for kids under 5)
  • A handful of raisins on top of breakfast cereal or mashed banana on toast
  • Cucumber, pepper or carrot sticks with a dip at snack time
  • Frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn with an evening meal
  • Fruit and fromage frais

Suzy Startwell Says...

  • Start using a fruit bowl
  • Buy a vegetable you've never tried before
  • Introduce 2 types of veg at dinner time
  • Give the kids fruit at snack time