2 Snacks Max Hints & Tips

Regular, healthy snacks really help kids grow and develop well

2 snacks max is all about getting in to the habit of giving the kids a healthy mid morning and mid-afternoon snack.  It also gets them in to a good routine and by regularly offering 2 healthy snacks a day in between 3 healthy ‘me size meals’ will help to ensure that kids have enough energy to keep them going throughout the day.  It’s a good habit for us adults to role model too.

Top tips

  • Aim to stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day – It’s good for kids to get into a healthy routine when they are young, as it will stick with them for life
  • Have the meals and snacks at a similar time each day – kids will quickly learn when to expect their next meal, and it will help them function and behave well during the day
  • If kids refuse a meal or a snack, it doesn’t always mean they don’t like it – it’s likely that they’re just not hungry, or are too tired. Try not to offer an alternative though, as kids will soon learn that they will get what they want. Explain when the next planned meal or snack is, and that it will be the next time they can eat
  • Get the kids into good habits early by sitting together at a table to eat snacks and meals. Always make sure the kids are supervised.  To avoid the risk of choking never leave young kids alone whilst eating or drinking
  • Get the kids involved with shopping for healthy snacks and helping you in the kitchen to prepare foods wherever possible
  • Try offering healthy snacks based on fruit or veg which will help them on their way to their 5 a day or alternatively starchy foods like bread, crackers, breadsticks or rice cakes to keep their energy levels up.  Ideas for snacks include:
  • Plain popcorn
  • ½ a cheese scone
  • ½ a toasted tea cake
  • Carrot and celery sticks with dips
  • Cheese and crackers with grapes chopped up in to quarters to avoid choking
  • Cucumber sticks with salsa
  • Small yoghurt or fromage frais
  • Sliced peppers and yoghurt dip
  • Fresh or tinned fruit in its own juice

Suzy Startwell Says...

Kids are more likely to eat their healthy snacks and meals if they see you eating them too. Remember to be a good role model around healthy eating.